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Listen to the hissing sound (courtesy Vicki Powys, Australia through the site Xeno-Canto)

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More names: lechuza, strigidea, Tytonidae, Tyto owls, Effraie du Pacifique, Tyto javanica, Tyto alba javanica

Barn-owls (family Tytonidae) are one of the two families of owls, the other being the typical owls, Strigidae. They are medium to large sized owls with large heads and characteristic heart-shaped faces. They have long, strong legs with powerful talons. They also differ from Strigidae in structural details relating in particular to the sternum and feet.

The barn owls comprise two extant sub-families: the Tytoninae or Tyto owls (including the Common Barn Owl) and the Phodilinae or bay-owls. The Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy unites the Caprimulgiformes with the owl order; here, the barn-owls are a subfamily Tytoninae. This is unsupported by more recent research (see Cypselomorphae), but the relationships of the owls in general are still unresolved.

The barn owls are a wide ranging family, absent only from northern North America, Saharan Africa and large areas of Asia. They live in a wide range of habitats from deserts to forests, and from temperate latitudes to the tropics. The majority of the 16 living species of barn owls are poorly known. Some, like the Madagascar Red Owl, have barely been seen or studied since their discovery, in contrast to the Common Barn Owl, which is one of the best known owl species in the world. However, some sub-species of the Common Barn Owl possibly deserve to be a separate species, but are very poorly known.

Five species of barn-owl are threatened, and some island species have gone extinct during the Holocene or earlier (e.g. Tyto pollens, known from the fossil record of Andros Island in the Bahamas, and possibly the basis for the Chickcharnie). The barn-owls are mostly nocturnal, and generally non-migratory, living in pairs or singly.

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Unfortunately we shall not see this owl anymore! Two nights ago at around 10.00 pm he was netted and caught. I were just one night too late to rip out the poles and to destroy the net! He will end up in somebody’s cage in a garden or, more sure, he will be sold at Thailand’s, for animal lovers and protectors, very infamous Chatuchak-market in Bangkok where officials turn a blind eye at the numerous animals sold there and, amongst them, lots of protected, rare and or at the edge of extinction species packed in tiny cages together. (In recent years the market has gained considerable notice among conservationists and the World Wildlife Fund; Chatuchak has become a notorious hub for trafficking illegal and endangered species, notably in the north west corner of the market which is all but isolated from the rest of the market. This activity was covered on CNN's Planet in Peril series. Despite publicity, Thai law is rarely able to pursue a course of action in preventing the illegal trade as it would just go underground elsewhere.)

A shame!

Here a YouTube video of a rescued luckier one (Kasetsart University Raptor Rehabilitation Unit Veterinary Teaching Hospital - KU VTH and Wild Bird Rehabilitation & Release Fund

Barn owl wings adapted for silent flight

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