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The monocled cobra causes the highest fatality due to snake venom poisoning in Thailand.

Envenomation usually presents predominantly with extensive local necrosis and systemic manifestations to a lesser degree. Drowsiness, neurological and neuromuscular symptoms will usually manifest earliest; hypotension, flushing of the face, warm skin, and pain around bite site typically manifest within one to four hours following the bite; paralysis, ventilatory failure or death could ensue rapidly, possibly as early as 60 minutes in very severe cases of envenomation. However, the presence of fang marks does not always imply that envenomation actually occurred.

In Myanmar (Burma), Maung TM, a 20-year old male was admitted to Insein hospital (near Yangon), within one hour of being bitten by a monocled cobra on the inner side of thigh.

In fact he was bitten while squatting to urinate in the field. On admission there was a black patch and gross swelling at the site of the bite. Polyvalent serum, containing anti-viper and anti-cobra, was given intravenously on admission. On the next day the eye lids drooped and he developed signs of respiratory paralysis which demanded immediate tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation. He was again given antivenom with atropine and prostigmine with good response. The drugs were repeated as their actions had been only short lasting. The development of respiratory paralysis after an apparent recovery may indicate that there was a depot of venom at the site of bite from which it was absorbed slowly. This assumption may call for local infiltration. Locally there was extensive necrosis and ulceration requiring skin grafting at a later date.

Monocled Cobra, Naja kaouthia

cobra, serpents, nature, thailand, fauna "antoni uni"cobra, serpents, nature, thailand, fauna "antoni uni"naja, cobra, thailand, bangkok, nature, fuana, serpents "antoni uni"naja, cobra, thailand, bangkok, nature, fuana, serpents "antoni uni"Monocled Cobra, Naja kaouthiaMonocled Cobra, Naja kaouthiaSNAKE CATCHING IN MY HOUSESNAKE CATCHING IN MY HOUSESNAKE CATCHING IN MY HOUSE

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