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Cleome Viscosa

Cleome Viscosa: Cleome viscosa is an indigenous medicinal plant that shows large seasonal biodiversity in North-Western states of India. It is a common weed mainly found in crop fields, in waste lands, wet and grassy places all over the plains of India. Plant bears yellow flowers and long slender pods containing seeds that resemble those of mustard with strong penetrating odor in rainy and post rainy season. Seeds are oil producing and are used for making cattle cake. C. viscosa leaves and young shoots are used to cook like a vegetable, which is having sharp mustard-like flavor. Fatty oils of the seeds of C. viscosa contain major fatty acids, as methyl esters, of the oils mainly palmitic acid (10.2-13.4%), stearic acid (7.2-10.2%), oleic acid (16.9-27.1%) and linoleic acid (47.0-61.1%). Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and nutrients, especially Vitamins A and C, minerals calcium and iron and protein. Plant also contains free gallic acid, gallotannins, iridoid, saponins and terpinoid polyphenolic compounds, which are well-known antioxidizing properties.

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